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Plasma-TV: Long life-time with high brightness?
Will an LCD-TV provide a better long term brightness?

Plasma-TV: Screen burn-in
Plasma-tv producers: Hitachi, Panasonic, Pioneer and Samsung give their answers. Will logos, graphics and other images "burn in" and permanently damage a plasma-tv?

PlayStation 3 (PS3): November 2006
A home entertainment center, with Linux, that allows you to play games online. Updated March 15.

LCD-TV: Viewpia-NIMP integrated videorecorder!
Viewpia is first in the world with a series of LCD-TV having a videorecorder function NIMP integrated. No need for a MediaCenter PC.

DP-600 plays DVDs, DivX, Xvid, Windows Media 9, MP3 etc.
Kiss DP-600 is a High Definition Media Player. It can also play files in many formats for example: DivX, Xvid, MP3 from an external hard disk connected to a built in USB2-port.

PSP: PlayStation Portable
A PlayStation in your hand. It will be cheap. Updated May 13  with additional info.

FlipStart PC: A complete MiniPC in your hand
I would like to have one.

Pentium 4: Prescott released
Read about the next-generation Pentium-processor that was released  February 2.

UserLinux White Paper
Howard Jones has written a follow up to his earlier article about UserLinux. This is a new unified Linux distribution currently in the proposal stages of its development cycle.  UserLinux continues to raise questions and cause a few headaches.

PlayStation 2: 70 million units shipped
PlayStation 2 continues to increase the distance to GameCube and Xbox.

UserLinux: Bringing Order to Chaos Ė Finally a United Linux?
Howard Jones presents a new initiativ by Bruce Perens, director of OSDL, to develop a unified Linux distribution that will eradicate any compatibility problems between distributions.

Athlon64 Hits the Shelves
A 64-bit processor - who cares?  So far, the AMD Athlon64 seems to have inspired about as much excitement as a stripper in a graveyard.  There hasnít been a processor this different in home computing since the 386, yet people are more interested in DVD writers and 6 in 1 media card readers.  People!  PEOPLE!!  64-bit processing in your PC!

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