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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement for AXISNOVA.COM

This privacy statement applies to all sites provided by Arealia AB (556582-7317), Sweden (hereinafter "the company").

The company shall not resell, rent, give away or in any other way transfer the company's information on the user to any third party, unless required by law. This shall, however, not apply should the company itself in any way be transferred legally to an other party.

The company may, and will, collect information on its users via log files, cookies, questionnaires, and online forms. The company may also collect information via other undertakings, given that they operate on the company's behalf on the company's sites, and collect information in accordance with this privacy statement.

The company will store and process the information electronically. This shall be done in accordance with Swedish legislation. Should the company hire an agent to perform these task, the company shall see to that he agrees to be bound by this privacy statement, to same extent as the company is.

This privacy statement is not to be seen as a binding legal document, but as a company policy. This privacy statement cannot be used against the company in a court of law.

The purpose of any collecting of personal information shall be stated when the user is prompted to enter such information, unless the reason is obvious.

The purpose of all gathering of personal information that does not require the user's knowledge thereof (for instance the use of log files or cookies) is to monitor the use of the site, in order to improve the company's service.

If a user resides in a jurisdiction, which does not allow information on him as stated above to be collected, or if such jurisdiction is applicable to him in any other way, he may not use the site.

Contact info2006@axisnova.com with questions or problems, as appropriate.


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