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Google: End of results penalty also called -950 penalty here to stay?
Google has introduced a penalty to optimize its earnings? Or is the famous Google algorithm broken or unstable?

Google Search Critics: Google is broken by purpose!
Pagerank have fallen apart, Google's search algorithm has turned into a censuring money machine and the search result pages have been filled with commercial spam. Read our unique review article.

Google's Advanced Search by date is broken!
This big bug has existed for almost a year or more!

Google spams itself with eBay!
Money, Money!

Google optimized for bad search results?
Google used to give the best search results. Now there are clear indications that Google search algorithm only works well for Google and associated stores!

The Pirate Bay file sharing site stopped and revived. More downloads of movies and music using Bittorrent.
The Pirate Bay is one of the leading Bittorrent file sharing sites in the world. It provided links to Bittorrent files. Most of the links is related to commercial material : films, music, games and software. 

Top Sites: Personal Computers, Flat-TV MP3-player etc.
Personal Computers, Portable Computers (Laptops, Notebooks), LCD-TV, Plasma-TV, Mediaplayers, Videorecorders etc. Together these sites give you a good overview.

BitTorrent: Suprnova movies
Suprnova was the most popular BitTorrent site 2003 - 2004 before it was shutdown. It provided links for downloading movies (films) and television programs via  BitTorrent. Updated February 21, 2006.

DivX movies: K-Lite Codec Pack 2.70 has been released
Problem watching downloaded movies? No picture or no sound? This may be the solution for you!

Welcome to the new AxisNova
Welcome to the new and improved AxisNova. As our regular visitors might notice we have changed the site's layout. Read about the changes and what is planned.

KaZaA: Participation Level easily hacked
The central facts. You may increase your participation level very rapidly to 1000 using a hack.

Sharereactor stopped. Alternatives below.
The most popular site indexing eDonkey2000/eMule/Overnet is gone. According to the administrator it will not come back due to legal reasons. Below we present some alternatives (updated April 19).

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