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PlayStation 2: 70 million units shipped

PlayStation 2 continues to increase the distance to GameCube and Xbox.

Around december 31, 2003 Sony reached 70 million shipped PS2 to the following parts of the world:

Europe: 23 million units
North America: 30 million units
Japan: 15.5 million units
Other regions: 1.5 million units

Sony introduced their console PlayStation 2 in Japan on March 3rd, 2000 and since then the sales have steadily climbed.

Shipped PS2 since the introduction:

2000-03-04, sales begin in Japan
2001-03-25, 10 million units
2001-09-30, 20 million units
2002-05-21, 30 million units
2002-09-17, 40 million units
2002-12-31, 50 million units
2003-09-08, 60 million units
2003-12-31, 70 million units

PS2 was introduced in USA on October 26th, 2000 and in Europe November 24th, 2000. Since then Sony has gradually launched PS2 around the world.

The competitors Nintendo GameCube (about 10 million units shipped) and Microsoft Xbox (about 10 million units shipped) are far behind.

by Jim Olsson
Published: Jan 15, 2004

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PlayStation 2: 70 million units shipped

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