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Plasma-TV: Screen burn-in

Plasma-tv producers: Hitachi, Panasonic, Pioneer and Samsung give their answers. Will logos, graphics and other images "burn in" and permanently damage a plasma-tv?

Hitachi: Will TV station logos cause a problem with image retention/screen burn?

TV logos do not move their position on the screen, but will on occasion between advert breaks will refresh and for small period of time the screen goes blank. This is no guarantee that image retention may not occur. On the basis that the average viewer does not watch the same TV channel everyday all day is enough to note that instances of image retention for logos are rare. Hitachi has methods to help reduce the instance of image retention that maybe subject from displaying TV channel logos.

Panasonic: Is it true that logos, graphics and other images will "burn in" and permanently damage my plasma-tv?

There is a slight risk of image retention on any phosphor based technology (like CRTs or plasma). Improvements in panel service life to over 60,000 hours have minimized the risk of uneven aging and image retention. In addition, screen savers, pixel shifting, and brightness level adjustments can dramatically reduce any chance of burn-in. The rule of thumb: if you don't worry about your CRT, you don't have to worry about a Panasonic plasma.

Pioneer: Image Retention

If a picture stays frozen on your plasma display for a few minutes, that image will not leave a permanent mark. With today's plasmas, you don't have to worry as much about permanent image retention. That said, plasma televisions are intended for viewing dynamic moving images such as high-definition TV and movies. If a static image (such as a computer menu) remains on the screen for an extended period of time, there may be some retention of that image. However, image retention can usually be washed away by running moving video. Therefore, you can buy a plasma television with confidence, knowing that you do not have to treat it any differently than you would a regular television (although you'll be so grateful for the brilliant image quality that you'll certainly want to).

Samsung: Are Plasma TVs Subject To Screen Burn In?

Yes, plasma TVs are subject to screen burn in. If you have a plasma TV, we recommend that you limit your viewing of stationary graphics and images, such as the dark side-bars on nonexpanded standard format television programs, stock market reports, video game displays, station logos, web sites, and computer graphics and patterns to no more than 5% of the total television viewing per week. Displaying stationary images that exceed the above guidelines can cause uneven aging of PDP displays that leave subtle, but permanent burned-in ghost images in the PDP picture. To avoid this, vary the programming and images you watch, watch mainly full screen moving images, and avoid stationary patterns or dark bars. On PDP models that offer picture sizing features, use these controls to view different formats as a full screen pictures. Current model Samsung Plasma TVs are equipped with a pixel shift function which reduces, but does not eliminate, the possibility of screen burn in.

by Jim Olsson
Published: Mar 31, 2006

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