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Plasma-TV: Long life-time with high brightness?

Will an LCD-TV provide a better long term brightness?

According to Sharp a leading LCD-TV producer:

Typical plasma displays have a life-span of 20,000 to 30,000 hours and once the brightness level decreases, there is no recovery, so the TV must be replaced.

What are the opinions from leading Plasma-TV producers?:

Panasonic: Will my plasma "fade out" in only a couple of years?

All displays (TVs, computer monitors, LCD, plasma) lose brightness over time. Believe it or not, that old tube TV you have in the den isn't as bright as it was when you bought it 10 years ago. Panasonic plasmas have a projected life of 60,000 hours before they're only half as bright as when they were new. That's 20+ years at 7 hours a day (which is the average daily viewing time per U.S. household).

Hitachi: How long will my Hitachi Plasma panel last?

Hitachi panels have been designed to the highest possible standards and will respectively provide many years of fantastic quality visual images. The estimated lifetime of the current range of Hitachi plasma is approximately 60,000 hours, which equates to almost 20 years given normal viewing conditions.

Pioneer: Long Live Plasma? "I heard plasma TVs don't last."

That plasma technology is short-lived is one of the biggest myths out there. While it's true that older models didn't always last as long as other technologies, rest assured you can enjoy today's plasma televisions for at least 60,000 hours to half luminance*, based on laboratory testing. Pioneer displays have new phosphor, Deep Encased Cell Structure, and Pure Drive to thank for their extended life.

by Jim Olsson
Published: Apr 2, 2006

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