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LCD-TV: Viewpia-NIMP integrated videorecorder!

Viewpia is first in the world with a series of LCD-TV having a videorecorder function NIMP integrated. No need for a MediaCenter PC.

Four new LCD-TV from Viewpia are equipped with NIMP. NIMP means "Neo Integrated Media Player" and is an integrated videorecorder facility with support for an external hard disk. The external hard disk is connected via an USB2.0 port. NIMP can play video in many different file formats for example DivX and Xvid. NIMP can also record TV-programs to an external hard disk. There are four models equipped with NIMP:

40-inches LCD-TV:
Viewpia LN-40IEA3 40# NIMP LCD-TV, analog tv-tuner.
Viewpia LD-40IEA3 40# NIMP DIGITAL, digital tv-tuner.

Basic specifications
Format 16:9
Resolution 1366x768
Response time (ms) 8 ms
Contrast ratio 1000:1
Brightness 500 cd/m
HD Ready
Speakers (2x20W)
Energy consumption 310W

DVI (via adapter, not included)
2x Scart
2x Component
USB 2.0
Compact Flash
Secure Digital

46-inches LCD-TV:
Viewpia LN-46IEA3 46# NIMP LCD-TV, analog tv-tuner
Viewpia LD-46IEA3 46# NIMP DIGITAL LCD-TV, digital tv-tuner.

They have the same basic specifications as the 40-inches LCD-TV. Contrast ratio is higher 1200:1 and brightness is also higher 600 cd/m.

by AxisNova.com
Published: Mar 2, 2006

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