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KaZaA: Participation Level easily hacked

The central facts. You may increase your participation level very rapidly to 1000 using a hack.

Every user of KMD is given a participation level (PL) during use. PL varies between 0 and 1000 depending on the ratio between recent uploads and downloads. As a newcomer you start at medium level i.e. PL = 100. Sharing of integrity rated (IR) files may increase PL. IR-files downloaded from you will be counted at a double value.

Often, more than one user requests a download of a file from specific user. In those cases the user with the highest PL will always receive the highest priority in a queue. Users with a low PL will have to wait until users with higher PL have downloaded. The waiting time may be minutes, hours, days or weeks depending on the circumstances. Ongoing downloads of files are also affected by the PL. During a download a file transmission is often divided in blocks. At start of a transmission of a new block a user with a low PL will often be forced to wait in a queue behind users with a higher PL.

Kazaalite is a stripped hacked version of KMD which among other improvements gives you a PL = 1000 if you want to. However, the future of Kazaalite is uncertain since the owner of KMD, Sharman Networks, has started a commercial war against it. The development of Kazaalite has been halted at version 2.4. Unfortunately, this version is not fully compatibel with the latest version 2.6 of KMD. Diet K, which complements and improves KMD, allows backup and restore of PL.

Diet K: Kazaa with a turbo

Another option is to use K-Hack. K-Hack increase your participation level very rapidly, and you reach PL = 1000 i.e. 'Supreme Being' in a few minutes. K-Hack also allows unlimited "Search More". New features of 2.6, released May 31, include:
Full support for Kazaa 2.6.x and Kazaa Plus 2.6
Detect corrupt MP3 data
Show user IPs

K-Hack: Info and download.

by Jim Olsson
Published: Jun 3, 2004

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