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DivX movies: K-Lite Codec Pack 2.70 has been released

Problem watching downloaded movies? No picture or no sound? This may be the solution for you!

The K-Lite Codec Pack 2.70 was released feb 10 in three versions: basic, standard and full. It provides you with the extra programs you need watching DivX-movies and listen to downloaded music.

High resolution movies may be compressed, to about 700 MB, by making DivX-copies of DVD-movies. The compression of the movie may be done in slightly different ways DivX v3.x, DivX v4.x, DivX v5.x and Xvid. To play DivX movies you first need to install the corresponding DivX codec on your computer. The codec is small extra program enabling Windows Media Player, and similar players, to decompress and show the movie. The new DivX codec v5.2.1 is the most general version of the DivX codec. It is backwards compatible with most, may be all, versions of the DivX codec.

K-Lite Codec Pack basic is a very helpful collection of basic audio and video codecs for example:

- Media Player Classic version
- XviD [Encoding] till 1.1.0
- XviD [Decoding] till 1.1.0
- DivX Pro  5.2.1
- MP3 (Fraunhofer)
- AC3  (AC3Filter) 0.70.b mod

K-Lite Codec Pack standard and full contains extra programs and some extra codecs.

K-Lite Codec Pack: Read more and download here

by Jim Olsson
Published: Feb 19, 2006

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DivX movies: K-Lite Codec Pack 2.70 has been released
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