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Google Search Critics: Google is broken by purpose!

Pagerank have fallen apart, Google's search algorithm has turned into a censuring money machine and the search result pages have been filled with commercial spam. Read our unique review article.

The Good Google, 1998: founders Brin and Page original views about advertising on search result pages:

"the better the search engine is, the fewer advertisements will be needed for the consumer to find what they want. This of course erodes the advertising supported business model of the existing search engines."

Many Advertising Billion Dollars Later

The Evil Google, 2007: What is Google's policy with regard to paid inclusion and advertising?
"Sponsored links are targeted to a user's search and are thus extremely relevant"

Google-watch.org founded by Daniel Brandt was the first systematic approach to critically review Google's many flaws as a search engine. "Google sells out and leaves us stranded on the information high-way."

Daniel Brandt: PageRank: Google's Original Sin

Personalized search: Holy Grail or a crock?

Google is begging for an upgrade

Andrew Orlowski, The Register UK, nails it down in one sentence: "The trouble is, PageRank only worked within a small dataset of peer reviewed academic journals."

Full-up Google choking on web spam?

The worse Google gets, the more money it makes?

Are Google's glory days behind it?

Phil Bradley UK, Search expert, "Google could, if it chose, easily acquire or replicate any search method that made significant headway. I think this is the point, and it is the one that gets me really angry with Google. They're quite happy to provide a second rate search service" and "There is a laughable quote in the piece from Matt Cutts (who I think is one of the good guys by the way) who says 'We have more engineers working on core search technology than ever before'. Right.... if that's the case, why is limit by date STILL broken?"

Google's search by date is broken

Search Engines: Is Google Building on Shaky Foundations?

A Gaggle of Google Wannabes

miserable failure - Google Search

Google Book Search slammed

Donna Bogatin, ZDNet, "In reality, however, Google PageRank is little more than a Google created formula which ends up further entrenching Web pages it has deemed, in its infinite wisdom, to be “important.”"

Google PageRank: Biased and fundamentally flawed?

Google search challenge from Wikipedia founder in 2007?

Google search kingdom: Benevolent or despotic?

Is Google search vulnerable in 2007?

Google search PageRank excludes relevant Websites

Google Search: Is PageRank reliable?

Is Google a public service? Is a Google SERP rank a ‘right’?

Can Google handle search engine coopetition?

Jeremy Zawodny, free-spoken Yahoo employee in his personal blog. "You see, PageRank was a brilliant yet simple idea at the time: use the structure of the web itself to determine what is and is not popular. But that's behind us. Google is no longer concerned solely with what's popular. Like most companies, they also care a lot about what sells or what advertisers want."

PageRank: still broken

PageRank is Dead

Tom Foremski in Silicon Valley Watcher, former news reporter and Silicon Valley columnist for the Financial Times. "Why is it that we have to help the search engines do a job they are supposed to be doing by themselves?"

Is Search Broken?

Search seems to be broken...part 2

 Aaron Wall, in his SEO blog about the good Google changing to the evil Google: "If spam is hosted by Google, ranked by Google, and displays Google ads, then why the need for outsourcing that fault? Why can't we just call those people Google affiliates and leave it at what it is, Google = spam?"

"This is about turning the web into one big pile of junk mail, aimed at getting you to sign up, buy, or commit to something that you hadn’t necessarily wanted."

Google is the Biggest Web Spammer

Robert McLaws is an IT consultant, community leader and Vista enthusiast writing in windows-now.com:
"Google Search isn't about delivering the information you want",  "I call them an adware company... because they want to bombard you with ads, no matter what you're doing. When Microsoft had those aspirations, they were lynched by the mob of public opinion."
 Google Is Not a Search Company

Read also:

Google: End of results penalty also called -950 penalty here to stay?

Google's Advanced Search by date is broken!

Google spams itself with eBay!

Google optimized for bad search results?

by Jim Olsson
Published: Mar 24, 2007

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