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BitTorrent Hollywood's enemy No. 1?. Matrix Reloaded, 24, ER, Frasier, Friends, The West Wing etc.

A new efficient file sharing network/program. It distributes TV shows, games, software and films. Uppdated May 28.

First Napster, then KaZaA and now BitTorrent. BitTorrent is a new decentralized, efficient and flexible peer-to-peer file sharing network/program. It contains no spyware, adware, or any other kind of -ware. Bit Torrent, was developed by 27-year-old programmer Bram Cohen from USA.

Efficient support of very large numbers of downloaders

BitTorrent is a protocol for distributing files. It identifies content by url and is designed to integrate seamlessly with the web. BitTorrent pre-allocates the entire file when the download begins, then writes in pieces in random order as it gets them.  You download a file by using a link to the file that ends in .torrent. The url, belonging to the file, is entered into your browser. The BitTorrent download window opens.

BitTorrent taps efficiently the unutilized free upload capacity of the users. When multiple downloads of the same file happen concurrently, the downloaders upload to each other. This makes it possible for the file source to support very large numbers of downloaders with only a modest increase in its load.

The contribution from downloaders grows at the same rate as their demand, creating limitless scalability. If you hack the source to not upload your download rate will decrease.

Matrix Reloaded and recent episodes of TV shows

Recent weeks it has been possible to download different versions of the new movie Matrix Reloaded via websites supporting BitTorrent. This has created a strong interest in media. Especially with regard to latest version showing a very good quality. Seemingly, Hollywood reacted immediately and stopped, at least temporarily, some of the major websites for example: SuprNova.org and Candystore.tk. However, you can still download the movie (2.3GB) via other websites.

BBC: Matrix sequel pirated online

Using BitTorrent you may download an episode of your favorite TV show, games, films, software etc. 24, ER, Frasier, Friends, The West Wing and new films. You may find the latest episodes only a couple of days after that they were broadcasted in USA.

Thanks to Patrik Berg for info about BitTorrent.

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by Jim Olsson
Published: May 28, 2003

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