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Top Sites: Personal Computers, Flat-TV MP3-player etc.

Personal Computers, Portable Computers (Laptops, Notebooks), LCD-TV, Plasma-TV, Mediaplayers, Videorecorders etc. Together these sites give you a good overview.

There are many sites dedicated to computer news. However, some of them are very detailed writing long articles about overclocking of processors etc. Others sites are very shallow presenting articles with just a few lines. For a normal reader this is what we recommend:

CNET News.com
Tech news and related business news. Excellent video presentations.

Writes in detail about the inside of computers and software.

PC Magazine
A very nice mix of computing news and opinions with good associated forums.

PC World
Good and detailed latest news

by Jim Olsson
Published: Feb 27, 2006

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Top Sites: Personal Computers, Flat-TV MP3-player etc.
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