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About Us

Contact Information

Arealia AB
Skrattmåsg. 12
SE-426 69 V Frölunda

Info: info2006@allamedia.com

Dr Jim Olsson

AxisNova provides the latest news and information in the fields of Entertainment, File sharing, Internet and Technology. Tests and research is carried out at our own in-house laboratory at our Gothenburg office. This offers our staff unmatched flexibility and it provides our readers quality research data that you can trust and rely on. AxisNova is fully owned and published by Arealia AB, Sweden.

The Company
Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, Arealia AB is a new media company specialized in the fields of interactive consulting, marketing and publishing. We provide content driven online publications as well as services in Internet consultancy. Our business customers enjoy a wide range of marketing solutions to reach its audience including sponsorships, product placement, contextual e-commerce, content licensing and direct e-mail marketing.


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